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Piano Tuning
Pianos go out of tune due to constant changes in the atmosphere; this directly affects the wood in the soundboard, pin-block and bridges. When it’s humid, components swell and when it’s dry, they shrink. Additionally, the tension of the strings and expansion and contraction will cause your piano to go out of tune.
New pianos or newly restrung pianos may need three to four tunings in the first year; after that, it is recommended to tune every six months.

Piano Action and Repairs
Over time, the performance of a piano action tends to decline due to changes in alignment of the many parts of the action. This can be caused by wear or environmental conditions, and can be corrected by adjusting the parts of the action back to factory specifications or as close to it as possible. This is called "action regulation." In some cases, new parts are needed. The goal of action regulation is to make the piano’s touch and sound consistent across all the keys. Tone regulating is the voicing of the piano’s sound, which is achieved by needling, shaping and aligning the hammers. The best results are on a well-regulated piano.

As pianos age, some of the major components will deteriorate, e.g., soundboard, pin block, action and finish. In collaboration with our shop technicians, we can do a partial or full restoration of your piano.

Piano Appraisals
We can provide a written appraisal of the value and condition of your piano for insurance or resale purposes.

Piano Storage and Piano Moving
We offer safe and secure climate-controlled storage. We can refer you to a qualified professional piano mover.

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